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Dream Journal

Dream journal 8/5/2010

Dream Journal Entry

I had a dream that I was with a group of hikers that were on a trip to the top of this really large mountain. It kind of reminded me of the mountain in LOTR it was so big and the trails were really steep. We had just gotten started on the second half of the trip and had made our way pretty far up the mountain when it started shaking. I felt the ground rumble and someone scream ‘RUN’ We ran down the mountain as fast as we could.

It wasn’t a boulder slide but there were giant dice that were rolling down the mountain at us. Large D20’s, D12’s, and D8 dice that were made of stone and just rolling down the hill to crush us. I ran all the way down to the cabin that was at the half-way point and there tried to doge the large dice that were coming for us.

… then I woke up



it felt kind of surreal... I play D&D every weekend with my friends so I'm not exactly sure what my subconcious is trying to say with this one.
lol... Dinosaurs are creative =D... though try not to get eaten.